visual design
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The core of successful user interface design at Tristream is guided by the goal of creating elegant, engaging, usable visual experiences that create positive emotional responses in web application users.

This goal is met by applying proven design methodology:

  • Creating a "Look & Feel" that supports business strategy, branding, user goals, and long term tool
  • Considering Global / International implications
  • Applying intuitive navigation and controls
  • Developing correct informational hierarchy

Simplify, simplify, simplify. In today’s complex world of technology, web application users are screaming for simplicity. And with information dense applications, it’s critical to create a user experience that is pleasurable with use over long periods of time. This philosophy combined with the belief that you don’t have to sacrifice form for function, results in refreshing visuals that are specific to each project.

diagram of golden ratio

The Golden Ratio: Used by masters of architecture and art for the basis of the underlying structure of form.