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Experience design is what sets great applications and interactive experiences apart from the rest.

User experience design (UX or UE), sometimes called user-centered design, is a methodical process to insure that your project is focused on your users - their needs, wants and desires - resulting in higher user satisfaction, return customers, increased productivity and the "wow" factor.

Experience design encompasses interaction design (IX) and information design. The process includes:

  • user research
  • work and task flow mapping
  • collaborative and iterative wireframe design process
  • user collaboration and feedback

Best practices

Tristream conducted a best practice study of the experience design practices of numerous development teams in companies in the U.S. and Europe. We identified the practices that resulted in the highest user satisfaction, and from those we developed our own best practices approach to experience design.

Our methodology is thorough and proven to result in the highest levels of user satisfaction.