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In a recent project for a Fortune 200 company, client application owners told tristream "Oh, our customer managers love the app’s reporting features!" But in our contextual interviews with those same manager segment users, our researchers watched frustrated manager after manager waste hours each week navigating a poorly designed reporting interface. And then they would spend even more time modifying the resulting reports for their actual workflow needs.

Usability isn't just about happy users. It hits your bottom line. It has to do with ROI.

Does your web delivered application help your employees be more efficient, more productive, more accurate, and more able to provide top-notch customer service in real time?

And yes, are they happy users?

Top usability is achieved through:

  • Expert designers, versed in best practices and heuristic evaluation methodologies, working closely with the client in multi-discipline design teams
  • Basing designs on a synthesis of user goals and motivators, AND business requirements
  • Conducting initial user research with real and potential users across core user segments
  • Iterative design processes that involve user testing with low-fidelity prototypes early on in the process
  • Involving and working closely with IT from the very beginning of the project