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"On time and on budget" only happens when projects are well managed.

Tristream uses a highly effective project management methodology, ProjectAccelerator developed by LateralWorks. ProjectAccelerator was developed specifically to improve time-to-market for complex product development projects.

Unless you the client have a project management system you would prefer to mesh us into, we use our system quite effectively.

Real Time Scheduling

At the heart of the methodology are weekly "schedule refresh" meetings, which insure a constantly updated and realistic time line, clarification of deliverables and milestones for each week and consistent communication between our team and your project team.

Management Benefits

  • realistic scheduling (not what originally appeared on a spreadsheet and was then never looked at again!)
  • continuous clarification of deliverables and milestones
  • immediate awareness of the impact of changes on the schedule
  • macro-level, as well as micro-level, detail